वो एहसास हमारे क्या समझेंगे!! love shayari

Love Shayari has the power to express different colors of love beautifully. Love Shayari speaks all about the happiness, joy, desire, passion, sadness, pain, and vulnerabilities of being in love.

If you too want to express your emotions and feelings but not getting the right words, you will love these Love Shayari for sure.

best Love Shayari that can fill your heart with true colors of love…

वो एहसास हमारे क्या समझेंगे ,

हम उन्हें पलकों पर बिठाये बैठे हैं। 

कहीं वो गिर ना जाये इसलिये ,

हम उनपर नजरे उठाये बैठें हैं।  

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Wo Ehasas hamare kya samjhege,

Hun unhe palko par bithaye baithe hai.

Kahin wo gir naa jaye isliye,

Hum un par najre uthaye baithe hain.

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